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State Rep. Winkler Kicks Off Minimum Wage Challenge

Public Figures From Across the State to Participate in the Challenge as Part of Statewide Push for Higher Wages

Minneapolis–Saint Paul, MN- State Rep. Ryan Winkler (District 46A) will kick off Working America’s Minimum Wage Challenge on February 18th at noon. Public figures from across the state will participate in the Minimum Wage Challenge.

The Challenge will run from Feb. 17-21 and is part of a statewide push to highlight the critical need to pass a Minnesota minimum wage increase. Rep. Winkler is the sponsor of a bill that would raise the minimum wage in Minnesota, which will be considered when the legislature is back in session.

The first day of the Challenge will focus on setting a budget for the week. Each of the participants will run the numbers for things like food, grocery, living expenses, transportation and other every day expenses and determine, roughly, what is affordable. Other days of the week will include various other challenges associated with living on the minimum wage, like grocery shopping and finding housing. On the final day, each participant will host a “reality check” meeting with low-wage workers whose real experiences shed light on the impact of bad economic policies better than any week-long challenge possibly could.

WHAT: Press Conference to Kick-Off the Minimum Wage Challenge Across the State
WHO: State Rep. Ryan Winkler
WHEN: February 18, 2014, Noon
WHERE: State Capitol Room 125

For more information and resources on the Working America Minimum Wage Challenge visit

For Planning Purposes Contact: Shannon Maurer, 202-604-2464

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