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In Final Week Before Midterms, Working America Steps Up Outreach to Voters Across Minnesota

Organizers to have thousands of face-to-face conversations about working-family candidates

Working America canvassers continue to reach out to working-class Minnesotans about the best working-family candidates this year. “Working Minnesotans are concerned about issues like tax increases, infrastructure investment, minimum-wage increases and more,” said Working America State Director Bree Halverson. “We are having face-to-face conversations about the kitchen-table issues that working Minnesotans care most about, and encouraging them to turn out to the polls for candidates who will fight for them.”

Efforts will focus on the following districts this week:

 Date  Districts
 October 27, 2014  44B, 48A
 October 28, 2014  49B, 17B
 October 29, 2014  42A, 56B
 October 30, 2014  14B, 27A
 October 31, 2014  44B, 43A

Working America Minnesota has nearly 300,000 members statewide.

Bree Halverson: 612-803-3458,; Aruna Jain: 202-637-3952,


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